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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS1281854 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum15. Okt. 1918
Eingetragen22. Apr. 1918
Prioritätsdatum22. Apr. 1918
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 1281854 A, US 1281854A, US-A-1281854, US1281854 A, US1281854A
ErfinderIgnatz Schwartz
Ursprünglich BevollmächtigterIgnatz Schwartz
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Accelerator-operating means.
US 1281854 A
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APPLICATION FILED APR.22. 1918. I 1 281 8545, Patented Oct. 15, 1918..

m U A M sf: .A 7 k xgvwg m f W Y e i IGH'ATZ SCIiIlWIilR-TZ, OF CHICAG-G, ILLINOIS.


epp'lica'tion filed April $22, 2918.

filo wiwm may concern:

we it'lmcwn that l, lei-1AM Son-wanna; a

. citizen of the United States, residing at Chicago, in lzhc county Cock and State of lilincis, have invented certain new and usesimple and efilcicn'fc device of the character inemioned which is adjustable to various heights, and one in which the heel support is'rigidly mounted, While the toe support portion is swingingly mounted.

.Uiher objects will appear hereinafter. An embodiment of my invention is shown in line accompanying drawing, forming a on of Fig.

part of this specification, and in which- Figure 1 is a plan view of a device embodying my invention.

Fig. 2 is side elevation of the same inclicuced as applied to portion of the toe board of an automobile, or the like.

is an enlarged section taken on line 2; and a fragmental View illustrating my apparatus in connection with an accelerr of a difieren'b style than that shown in more particularly to the drawing, 1 have indicated a. portion of the ice board, or other part of the floor of an automobile 5., through which an accelerator rod dis mounted. The accelerator rod 6 may be of any desired or conventional construction and operated by sliding through the door part in the usual manner.

My device is adapted to fit the accelerator operating part of most accelerators now in use. will be appareuli from Fig. 4 :tha those accelerators WillGli have an operating lever '5', are also operable by my device.

' In this t me of accelerator operating arms,

7 is pix cited as at 8 to a casting 9 on the toe hoard The lever 7 ough he floor and is provided w pied for conneccion with uiahle part of an accelerator not shown. preferably provide a base block 1- castthe' lever mounted ill:

Slpceificaizion of Letters Patentf Patented Get. 15, 1918. Serial 1%. 230,179.

' ing' 1-1 which may be secured to the floor 5 in {any desirable manner, such as by screws 12. Thehase block 12 is provided with an upwardly extending opening 13 which preferably extends entirely through such block, as clearly indicatedin Fig. 3. This opening 313 is preferably. formed of uniform crosssection. throughout, and of a cross-section of any shape except round. I have termed such a shape as non-round. In the opening support 16 which has a boss 17 on its lower side, and the boss provided with an opening 18 similar in cross-section to the opening 13 and engaging the upper end of the rod 14. The boss 17 is preferably threaded and a screw 19 fitted therein. The screw 19 is adapted to engage the rod 1 1 to lock the heel support 16 on the upper end of the rod 11. /Vith a construction of this kind it will be apparentthat the heel support 16 may be set at various heights above the floor 5 by loosening the screw 15 and moving the rod 14 upwardly or downwardly in the opening 13.

At one side of the boss 17 are ears 20 which are preferably integral with. the boss 17 and heel support 16 although it is not essential that these ears be integral. Along the edge of the heel support 16, adjacent the cars 20, I provide an'upwardly extending projection 21 which preferably extends entirely across this edge of the heel support and is provided to form a rest with a portion against which the heel of the op ei'ator may press in operating ihe device.

A toe support 22 is provided with ears 23 which engage or lie adjacent the ears 20,.v

end of the toe support 22 is adapted to en-' gage the upper end of the accelerator operating members 6 or 7, as clearly indicated. In order to facilitate supporting the toe portion 22 under the weight of the foot of an operator, I provide a resilient supportysuch as the spring 25. This spring permits the operator to allow his foot to rest'comfort ably on the toe part 22 without danger of operating. the members 6 or 7, and .yet is of sufficient flexibility to permit the members '6 or 7 to be operated easily. On the lower.

side of the toe portion 22 1 preferably provide, a lug 26 which engages and holds the spring 25, preventing accidental removal of the latter out of its operative position. As a further precaution a pin 27 may be placed in the lug 2-6 to engage the spring. 25 and insuring that it will not be displaced. i

While I have illustrated and described the preferred form of my invention,.I do not desire to be limited to the precise details set forth, but desire to avail myself of such variations and changes as'come within the sco e of the appended claims.

a claim 1. An accelerator operating mechanism comprising a heel support rigidlymounted and adapted'to be set at diflerent heights; and a toe support pivoted to the heel supportfor vertical movement. 2. An accelerator operating mechanism comprising a heel support; a mounting h0ld-' ing the heel support against pivotal movement and adapted forvertically adjusting sald heel support; a toe support pivoted to the heel support for vertical movement; and resilient-means under the toe support exerting an upward force on the latter.

3. An accelerator operating means comprising a heel support rigidly mounted;

I means for adjusting said heel support to various'heights; and a toe support pivoted to the heel support on a horizontal axis.

4;. An accelerator operating means comprisingafbase block having an upwardly extending opening therein. non-round in cross-section; a rod and fitting said open- ,ing'; means locking said rod'agamst movement in said opening; a heel support sesuited. to the upper end of said rod; and a i,281,8oe

toe support pivoted to one edge of the heel support. o

5. An accelerator operating mechanis comprising a base'block having an upwardly extending opening therein nonround in cross-section; 'a'rod uniform in cross-section throughout its length and in and substantially fitting said opening; a set screw threaded in said base block and engaging said rod :1 heel support having a recess in its under side engaging the top of said rod and secured to the latter; cars at one edge of said heel support; a toe support having ears adjacent the ears on the heel support: and a pintle extending through said ears and pivotally connecting said toe support to said heel support.

6. An accelerator operating means conr prising a base block having an upwardly ex tending opening therein non-round in crosssection; a rod in and fitting said opening; means locking said rod against movement in said opening; a heel support secured to the upper end of said rod; a toe support pivoted to one edge of the heel support; a lug on the lower side of the toe support; and a spring engaging said lug and exerting force extending integral pimjection along one edge of said heel support; integral ears on the heel support along the base ofsaid proection; a toe support having one edge adjacent said projection; integral ears on said toe support adjacent the ears on said heel support; and a'spring'engaging the under side of said toe support exerting force upwardly on the latter. I In testimony whereof I have signed my name to'this specification on this 20th day of April, A. l). 1918. liGlJATZ ARTE.

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