Extend your most valuable audiences

In today's highly competitive media landscape differentiating your website and media sales offerings is critical to maximizing revenue. Increasingly, advertisers are demanding highly targeted audiences and advertising environments across their premium media buys. DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Audience allows you to better meet this challenge by extending your most valuable audiences across your website or network. By using DFP Audience, you can identify site visitors who have previously expressed interest in specific content areas and reach them elsewhere on your site. This allows you to maximize the value of previously undifferentiated inventory, significantly boosting advertising rates.

Why DFP Audience?

DFP Audience is designed to get you up and selling quickly thanks to seamless integration with DFP, the industry's leading ad serving platform.

  • Rapid setup: No additional tagging or complex implementation is required.
  • Flexibility and control: The product's intuitive, self-service user interface makes it easy to build and sell robust audience segments immediately.
  • Real-time impact: Site visitors are segmented as they browse, quickly building inventory against newly defined segments.
  • Efficiency and visibility: Your audience segments integrate directly with DFP’s' trafficking and reporting interfaces.
  • Reliable and Scalable: DFP Audience’s' scalable architecture ensures no latency to preserve the integrity of your website’s user experience.