Sell Across All Screens

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Mobile is an ad delivery system for mobile websites and applications that delivers dynamic, interactive ads to mobile web pages and applications based on specific criteria as determined by you. It supports a wide range of devices and boasts a full management and reporting suite.

DFP Mobile is fully integrated with DFP to help you manage all of your ad inventory from the same place, enabling you to drive direct sales revenue and maximize yield across all screens.

Improve Sales Effectiveness

Built directly into the DFP ad serving platform, streamline operations by taking advantage of the power of the best-in-class publisher ad server for your mobile business.

  • Seamlessly integrated with DoubleClick for Publishers, manage all of your ad inventory with a single view and workflow across desktop and mobile to create efficiencies for your business.
  • Leverage DFP’s powerful forecasting and reporting engine to uncover new mobile sales opportunities.
  • Preview mobile creatives before they go live using QR code previews to help your traffickers test creatives on real devices.
  • Integrate with your business systems easily or build your own mobile ad serving innovation with the DFP API.

Reduce Complexity

Reduce the complexity of display advertising on mobile, without reducing the potential with built-in support to deliver and manage your advertising across all screens, formats, and devices.

  • Expand your reach beyond the desktop and begin selling your ad inventory across your mobile content, applications, and feature phones.
  • Deliver more engaging ads without impacting the user experience by targeting users on Wifi or a specific device. Help advertisers run effective direct response campaigns by targeting devices which can make phone calls, or reach users on specific carriers.
  • Scalable rich media templates enable you to customize your offering and reduce the trafficking burden by turning your custom ad formats into templates.
  • Create animated HTML5 banners in DFP for your mobile web sites or applications. Drag and drop videos to create video interstitials in applications - we’ll look after the transcoding, and pick the right video for each user.

Capture New Opportunities

Work with all of your partners to capture every opportunity, from premium rich media campaigns to ad network mediation.

  • Maximize the revenue of your unsold and non-guaranteed inventory with built-in mediation options via Google AdSense, AdMob, and the DoubleClick Ad Exchange.
  • Connect to all of your rich media and ad network partners with DFP Mobile’s server side API to supply ads with lower latency and full impression and click reporting.
  • Utilize SDKs for Android and iOS let you show a wide variety of engaging ad formats from the Google and AdMob networks.


Fact sheet

Learn how DFP Mobile can help you sell across all screens. Download (PDF)