Make your inventory stand out

Rich media ads excel at branding campaigns for advertisers. Some of the best rich media ads are developed and executed in close coordination with the sites on which the ads appear. Publishers are optimally positioned to help agencies and marketers implement more creative, innovative ad units.

Our DoubleClick Rich Media solution includes tools like DoubleClick Studio and DFP.

Build marquee formats and features

DoubleClick Rich Media supports all rich media formats and features. Commonly supported formats include expanding, floating, in-page, peel-down, push-down, IAB Rising Stars and other special formats. Additionally, we work with publishers to build marquee formats that can be used to differentiate their sites and sell more premium inventory.

Boost advertiser impact with video

Support video in your marquee units to help advertisers improve their ad effectiveness. Just some of the video options available include fullscreen HD video, in-banner video, interactive video and video downloads.