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VeröffentlichungsnummerCA2176003 A1
AnmeldenummerCA 2176003
Veröffentlichungsdatum18. Mai 1995
Eingetragen10. Nov. 1994
Prioritätsdatum10. Nov. 1993
Auch veröffentlicht unterCA2176003C, CN1139962A, EP0733133A1, EP0733133A4, WO1995013412A1
VeröffentlichungsnummerCA 2176003, CA 2176003 A1, CA 2176003A1, CA-A1-2176003, CA2176003 A1, CA2176003A1, PCT/1994/13208, PCT/US/1994/013208, PCT/US/1994/13208, PCT/US/94/013208, PCT/US/94/13208, PCT/US1994/013208, PCT/US1994/13208, PCT/US1994013208, PCT/US199413208, PCT/US94/013208, PCT/US94/13208, PCT/US94013208, PCT/US9413208
ErfinderMohan L. Sanduja, Kenneth Sugathan, Carl Horowitz, Lina Zilberman
AntragstellerMohan L. Sanduja, Kenneth Sugathan, Carl Horowitz, Lina Zilberman, Zaken, Steven, Golden, Robert, Gmz Holding Company
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Disposable toothbrush having mint flavored toothpaste composition bonded to bristles thereof
CA 2176003 A1
A flavored toothpaste composition is bonded to the bristles of a disposable toothbrush by a process which involves the chemical grafting and polymerizing of selected monomers and prepolymers to the bristles via a free radical mechanism. This process locks in the flavor until the product can be utilized. When the toothpaste is brought into contact with an aqueous medium, such as saliva in the oral cavity, the toothpaste dissolves thereby releasing the desired flavor to the teeth and oral cavity.
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Internationale KlassifikationA61K8/00, C08L51/00, A61K8/02, A46D1/00, C08L67/00, C08L77/00, A46D1/04, A46B11/00, A61K8/91, A46B15/00, C08F291/00, C11B9/00, A61Q11/00, A61K8/97
UnternehmensklassifikationA46D1/00, A61K2800/57, A61K8/02, A46B11/0003, A46B2200/1066, A61Q11/00
Europäische KlassifikationA61K8/02, A46D1/00, A46B11/00A, A61Q11/00
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1. Juni 1998EEERExamination request
10. Nov. 2011MKLALapsed