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VeröffentlichungsnummerCN2256235 Y
AnmeldenummerCN 96233253
Veröffentlichungsdatum18. Juni 1997
Eingetragen12. Juni 1996
Prioritätsdatum12. Juni 1996
Veröffentlichungsnummer96233253.4, CN 2256235 Y, CN 2256235Y, CN 96233253, CN-Y-2256235, CN2256235 Y, CN2256235Y, CN96233253, CN96233253.4
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Oral cleaning device
CN 2256235 Y
The utility model discloses an oral cleaning device, a brush head of which is composed of a flexible component (4) and brush bristles (3) radially distributed along the vertical direction of the axial line of the flexible component (4). A flexible lever (4) of the brush head is plugged in a hole (5) on a brush holder (1); the overhanging part of the flexible lever (4) is bent and fixed by a locking gripping head (2) hinged on the brush holder (1). The radially distributed brush bristle has easy use, and the tooth-brushing effect is favorable; replacing the brush head is convenient; one-time usage brush head causes the utility model to have sanitation.
Ansprüche(5)  übersetzt aus folgender Sprache: Chinesisch
1.一种口腔清洁器,主要由刷头、刷柄组成,其特征在于,所述刷头由柔性杆(4)和沿其轴线垂直方向放射状分布设置的刷毛(3)组成;刷柄(1)上端设置有供柔性杆(4)插接的孔(5),用于将柔性杆(4)与孔(5)插接时的外伸部分弯折固定的锁定夹头(2)通过其上的孔(9)与刷柄(1)上设置的柱状突起(6)相铰接。 1. An oral cleaner, mainly by brush, brush handle, and is characterized in that the head of a flexible rod (4) and the vertical direction of its axis radially distributed set of bristles (3) consisting of; the handle ( 1) Set the upper holes for flexible rod (4) connector (5) for bending the extended portion of the flexible rod (4) and hole (5) when the fixed plug locking chuck (2) cylindrical holes provided on its upper (9) and the handle (1) projection (6) is hinged.
2.根据权利要求1所述的清洁器,其特征在于,所述刷柄(1)上设置有供柔性杆(4)弯折部分埋人的凹槽(8);所述锁定夹头(2)上设置有用于顶压柔性杆(4)弯折部分的突头(10):所述锁定夹头(2)具有与刷杆(1)对应外表面相吻合的内侧表面。 The cleaner according to claim 1, characterized in that there is provided for the flexible rod (4) buried in one of the bent portion recess (8) (1) of the brush handle; said locking collet ( 2) is provided with a top pressure flexible rod (4) of the bent portion projections (10): the locking collet (2) has a brush lever (1) corresponds to the outer surface of the inner surface of the anastomosis.
3.根据权利要求1或2所述的清洁器,其特征在于,所述柔性杆(4)供刷毛(3)设置的部分为具有牙膏腔(12),表面分布多个出膏孔(11)的中空柱状体。 3. A cleaning device according to claim 1 or claim 2, characterized in that said flexible rods (4) for the bristles (3) having a portion disposed toothpaste cavity (12), a plurality of the paste surface distribution apertures (11 ) of the hollow columnar body.
4.根据权利要求3所述的清洁器,其特征在于,所述刷柄(1)的上部与刷柄(1)本身有约15°的倾角(2)。 4. A cleaning device according to claim 3, characterized in that the upper portion of the brush handle and brush handle (1) (1) itself is inclined approximately 15 ° (2).
5.根据权利要求4所述的清洁器,其特征在于,所述刷毛(3)的整体外形呈园锥状或园柱状。 Cleaner according to claim 4, wherein the bristles (3) of the whole garden in shape, cylindrical or conical.
Beschreibung  übersetzt aus folgender Sprache: Chinesisch
口腔清洁器 Oral cleaner

本实用新型属于个人卫生用具,尤其是牙刷制造领域。 The utility model is a personal health appliances, especially toothbrushes manufacturing.

目前,口腔专家提倡的正确的刷牙方式“剔牙法”要求,刷牙时,刷毛毛突轻压牙龈,刷毛与牙间隙保持约45度角方向,顺牙间隙向咬合面剔刷(上颌牙由上向下,下颌牙由下向上)。 Currently, the correct way of brushing Dental experts advocated "teeth Law" requirements, when brushing your teeth, brush Maomao sudden Gently press gums, brush and tooth gap remained around 45-degree angle, along the occlusal surface of the tooth gap to tick brushes (maxillary teeth by the top to bottom, lower teeth from the bottom up). 对于现在普遍使用的牙刷来说,由于其刷毛在刷柄侧面的一个方向上布置,因此,采用上述“剔牙法”,尤感操作不便;再者,现有牙刷的刷头是不可随意更换的,刷头多次反复使用,卫生性欠佳。 For toothbrushes now widely used, because of its bristles on the side of the handle in one direction arrangement, therefore, the use of the aforementioned "teeth Law", was particularly inconvenient operation; Furthermore, the existing head of the toothbrush is not free to replace , the head repeatedly used, poor hygiene.

本实用新型的目的在于提供一种口腔清洁器,其刷毛的设置更为合理,刷头与刷柄具有可拆卸性,具有多功能使用性。 The utility model aims to provide a tongue cleaner, which bristles set more reasonable, brush and brush handle with a removable nature, versatility of use.

本实用新型的目的是通过以下技术方案实现的:一种口腔清洁器,主要由刷头、刷柄组成,该刷头由柔性杆和沿其轴线垂直方向放射状分布设置的刷毛组成;该刷柄上端设置有供柔性杆插接的孔,用于将柔性杆与上述孔插接时的外伸部分弯折固定的锁定夹头通过其上的孔与刷柄上设置的柱状突起相铰接。 The utility model is intended to achieve the following technical solutions: An oral cleaner, mainly by the brush, brush handles composed of the head by a flexible rod and along its axis perpendicular to the direction of radial distribution of bristles disposed members; the brush handle flexible rod connector is provided for the upper end of the hole for the overhanging the flexible rod and plug the hole when the locking portion is bent fixed by the column set on the chuck hole and the handle is hinged on the projection.

采用上述技术方案,由于刷毛沿柔性杆轴线垂直方向放射状分布设置,按“剔牙法”要求刷牙,在刷头横对牙间隙时,无论刷头怎样旋转运动,总是保持有一定数量的刷毛与牙间隙呈45度左右的角度,所以使用更方便,刷牙效果更好;再者由于刷头与刷头柄采用可拆卸式联接,可以方便地更换刷头,一方面,由于一次性使用,更具卫生性;另一方面,通过更换具有不同形状刷毛的刷头而达到普通牙刷不能刷到的部位或换上内装牙膏的刷头而成为一次性方便使用的牙刷。 By adopting the technical scheme, since the bristles radially distributed set vertically flexible rod axis, press the "teeth Law" requires brushing, the head transverse to the tooth gap when, no matter how the head rotation, always maintaining a certain number of bristles angle of 45 degrees with the tooth gap was, therefore easier to use and better brushing effect; Moreover, since the brush and brush handles are detachable connection, you can easily replace the head, on the one hand, due to the one-time use, more hygienic; on the other hand, by replacing the head with different shapes to achieve an ordinary toothbrush bristles can not brush to put the contents of the site or toothpaste toothbrush disposable brush and become easy to use. 与现有牙刷相比,本实用新型刷牙效果好,是清洁口腔的多功能工具。 Compared with the prior toothbrush, brushing effect of the utility model is a versatile tool clean mouth.

图1是本实用新型的一个实施例的带部分剖视的主视图;图2是图1所示实施例的部分剖视图(锁定夹头未作用时的张开状态);图3是图1所示实施例的部分剖视图(锁定夹头呈锁定状态);图4是图1所示刷柄的主视图;图5是图4所示沿AA线的剖面图;图6是图4的右视图;图7是图6所示沿BB线的剖面图;图8是图7所示的E向视图;图9、图10、图11分别是图1所示锁定夹头的主视图、右视图、俯视图;图12、图13、图14是三个具有不同形状刷毛的刷头的实施例的正视图;图15是具有牙膏腔的刷头的带部分剖视的正视图;下面结合附图对本实用新型作详细说明。 Figure 1 is a partially cutaway front view of the utility model with an embodiment; Fig. 2 is shown in (open state locking action when the cartridge is not) is a cross-sectional view of part of the embodiment of FIG. 1; FIG. 3 is a partial cross-sectional view illustrating an embodiment (locking collet form locking state); FIG. 4 is a front view of the handle shown in FIG. 1; FIG. 5 is a sectional view taken along the line AA shown in FIG. 4; FIG. 6 is a right side view of Figure 4 ; FIG. 7 is a sectional view taken along the line BB shown in FIG. 6; FIG. 8 E 7 is a view shown in FIG.; FIG. 9, 10, 11 are locked in the cartridge shown in Figure 1 a front view, a right side view , a plan view; FIG. 12, FIG. 13, FIG. 14 is a three embodiments having different shapes of the bristles of the brush front view; FIG. 15 is a toothpaste cavity with the head portion of the sectional elevation view; below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings The present utility model described in detail.

图4、图6、图7、图8、示出,刷柄1上端设置有一锥形凸台7,通过锥形凸台7开有用作刷头插接的孔5:刷柄1上端设置有2个柱状突起6,刷柄1上部有一弯折角D,其弯折角度约15度,它有利于口腔内各个部位,尤其是牙齿内侧部分的刷洗。 4, 6, 7, 8, shown, the upper end of the handle 1 is provided with a tapered projection 7, through a tapered opening projection 7 serving as the head of the plug hole 5: 1 the upper end of the handle is provided with two columnar projections 6, the handle 1 has an upper curved knuckle D, which bending angle of about 15 degrees, it is beneficial to all parts of the oral cavity, especially the teeth brushing the inside portion.

图9、图10、图11中,锁定夹头2上设置的孔9是用作与刷柄1上的柱状突起6相铰接的。 Figures 9, 10, 11, the locking hole provided on the chuck 2 with the handle 9 is used on a pillar-shaped projections 6 are hinged. 结合图5可以看出,锁定夹头2的内侧表面与刷柄1上对应部分的外表面是相吻合的。 As can be seen in conjunction with Figure 5, locked inside surface of the cartridge 2 and 1 corresponding to the handle portion of the outer surface it is consistent.

图1、图2、图3示出,刷毛3和柔性杆4(可由橡胶,塑料或金属制作)组成刷头。 Figure 1, Figure 2, Figure 3 shows, the bristles 3 and the flexible rod 4 (by rubber, plastic or metal production) composed of the head. 柔性杆4插入刷柄1上的孔5并向外伸出,按图2中箭头所示方向扳动锁定夹头2.锁定夹头2上的突头10将柔性杆4的外伸部分弯折在刷柄1上的凹槽8内,锁定夹头2完全扣合在刷柄1上。 Flexible rod 4 is inserted into the handle hole on the 5 1 and outwardly in the direction indicated by an arrow in Figure 2 flip lock locking collet chuck 2. 2 projections 10 on the flexible rod 4 is bent outwardly extending portion Fold in a groove on the handle 8, locking chuck 2 fully engaging in the brush on a handle.

图12、图13、图14分别示出刷毛形状呈牙签形、园锥形、园柱形的不同的刷头。 FIG 12, FIG 13, FIG 14 show different shape of brush bristles toothpick-shaped, conical, cylindrical.

图15中,柔性杆4的供刷毛3设置的前面部分,为一具有牙膏腔12的柱状体(用具有弹性的材料,如橡胶制成)。 15, the flexible rod 4 provided for the bristles of the front part 3, is a cylindrical body 12 having a cavity of a toothpaste (a material having elasticity, such as rubber). 其表面设置有与牙膏腔12相连通的多个出膏口11。 Its surface is provided with toothpaste chamber 12 communicating opening 11 more than the cream. 该刷头制成后经消毒密封包装,使用时,开封取出,装在刷柄1上即可。 The brush made after sterilized sealed packaging, use, opening out, mounted on the handle to 1. 刷洗时,由于上述柱状体具有弹性受力时弯折压缩,牙膏从出膏口11中挤出,沾附在刷毛上,从而达到口腔清洁作用。 When brushing, since the columnar body having an elastic force when bending compression, toothpaste from a paste extrusion opening 11, buildup on the bristles, so as to achieve the role of oral hygiene.

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