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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS1049863 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum7. Jan. 1913
Eingetragen6. Febr. 1912
Prioritätsdatum6. Febr. 1912
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 1049863 A, US 1049863A, US-A-1049863, US1049863 A, US1049863A
ErfinderGeorge W Happle, Hugo May
Ursprünglich BevollmächtigterGeorge W Happle, Hugo May
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US 1049863 A
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TouZZ whom/ii meg/ 'concernii l Be it knowngthat we, GEORGE W. Herria:A

"and -Hueo MAY, citizens of v.the .United States,'residing 'at ort '.Washington, in theV county of Prince Georges .and State "of,

Maryland, have vinvented new eful Improvements inj Fountain-Brushes, of

brush head carrying means for maintainingthe bristles i'n soft.pliable conditionvand f'urther means for' closing the feed duct when lthe brush is no-t in use.

Y A further object 4of the .invention lis the provision of means. carried by thebrush head by which the bristles may lbe compressed to permit ready insertion of the same into vthe cap without injuringk the bristles.

-Further objects of the invention will `ap-' pear as the following 4specilic description is read in connection with the accompanying" drawings which form a part of the application, and `in which:-

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the device showing the cap removed and the movable portion of the handle in extended position; Fig. 2 is atransverse sectional viewon .line

. 3-4-3 of Fig. 1 Fig. 3 is a longitudinalsectional View of the device showing the cap in applied position; Fig. 4 is a bottom plan view of the same; Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the movable portion of the handle;

and Fig. 6 is a transverse sectional view taken on line 6-6 of Fig. 3. 4

Referring now to the drawings, the numeral 1 designates a brush head which comprises a hollow body 2, preferably' constructed of metal, .and having its bottom open so as to receive the holder 3 for bristles Integrally formed with the head 1 is a rearwardly extending fixed portion 4 of the handle which is semi-cylindrical in shape and hollow so as'to receive the collapsible material container 5. A feed duct 6 leads from an opening 7 in the rear Wall 8 of the brush head through an opening 9 in the r rouivrrAIN-nnusn.

i. -Specificationof'1iettersEaten@ i" Ptented applicati@ ined February s, 19,142.5 'senat No.' 675,710.

, bague heldere in'. a diseharg' f" e t ver 2.',Th-isis to permit slidable 1 l 'e 9 a the holder .5., v` The lower edgesO handle -port-ion 4 areibent inwarlgpp wardly to for'mnanges 4 which gigagg l flanges 4 I `Aformedby .the outtvfaglllryl idd downwardly bentnpper edges oiapgv able v'handle'portion"10, as'clearly shfwn i i".

the portionfl() to unmask the co lI 'oontainer.5 4which Vis vthreaded inltpt Htriiidt opening 7.2.Theydischargeend of the feed ern-onen W. Harms AND Huso `-1\i.av,fc' ii roar. wasiimeron, nanvnmgi Janneman'. e

a'seat 11 for the 'closure 12 carried by the Q cap v1,3 when thecap'is in applied position.

f' 12 is an absorbent pad 14 adapted to hpld a Within the cap and surrounding the closure suitable. moistening liquid which will lmaintain the rbristles -in soft pliable condition while'the brush is notin use. 15 encircles the bristles and has' the extremities of its upwardly extending arms 17 and' v16 inbent to form stops 18, and 19 respec- A bridle ring i..

tively' which engage the guidebracketsv -2O 'and 21 to prevent undue downward I notion of the bridle. App lication 'ofthe cap 13 Vis facilitated by the'useof this bridle which,

when in lowered position, compresses the bristles so that they may be readilv inserted in the cap. 'The head 1 is provided adja- 4cent its lower edge With'pins 22 which are received by the angular slotsf23 in the cap so as to lock .the cap in position upon slight rotation of the, same. f

The movable handle portion 10 is provided with an internal guide bracket 24 in which is slidably mounted the shank of a wrench 26, the inner end of the shank 25 being upturnedto forma stop 27. This stop 27 is adapted to engage the inner edge of the guide bracket 24 and prevent excessive outward movement of the wrench through the opening 28 provided in the endv of the movable portion 101. When the rovable portion 10 is removed from its sliding Iengagement with `the fixed p ortion` 4, the

wrench 26fmay beV projectedthrghvthe opening 28 and used to screw the container 5 into position'by applying the wrench to its angular neck 29.

When it is desired to use the brush, the cap 13 is removed and the bridle 15 pushed up into inoperative position. Then the movable portion 10 is slid outwardly to expose a suicient length of the collapsible container 5, which is then compressed by the lingers, to -force' thel semi-fluid material' therein through`v the feed duot to the bristles 3a. l

Having thus described our invention what .f

We claim as new is l. A brush' ,of the class described co'mprising a brush head,a fixed handle ortion formed onsaid head, a movable han le portion slidably secured to said fixed portion.,r

a flexible container removably secured. With- 'rial from said container to the bristles of thebrush.

2. AA brush of the class described comprising a brush head, a collapsible Container detachably secured to said head, means for conducting a semi-fluid material from said container to the bristles .of the brush, a fixed handle portion formed on said head and adapted to house partially the said con* tainer and 'a movable handle portion lslidably associated with said fixed portion and adapted to hoiise the remainder of the` container.

- In testimony whereof We aiix our signatures in presence of two witnesses.



` E. EDMoNs'roN, Jr.,


opies o! this patent may be obtained for ve cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. C.y

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