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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS1137326 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum27. Apr. 1915
Eingetragen9. Apr. 1914
Prioritätsdatum9. Apr. 1914
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 1137326 A, US 1137326A, US-A-1137326, US1137326 A, US1137326A
ErfinderHippolyte Jeanne
Ursprünglich BevollmächtigterWebb Robert
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US 1137326 A
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1,137,326. Patented Apr. 27, 1915.



mrroLYrn Juanita, or new Yon-K, n.



citizen of the Frenchltepublic, residing at New York, in the county and State of New York, have invented new and useful Improvements in-Brushea of which the following is a specification My invention relates to brushes and has particular reference to a fountain brush adapted, for use in shaving and facial massage. Z a One object'of the invention is to provide a fountain brush which is also'adapted to carry the shaving soap and permit the soap and brush to be used alternatively at will."

Another object is to construct the brush so that its parts, may be made of non-corrodible material and thereby insure durability and cleanliness.

Another object is to provide a brush of:

simple construction yet which will be thoroughly practical in use; and still other objects will appear in the following description and the appended claims.

Referring to, the drawings: Figure 1 represents a sectional elevation of my improved brush; Fig. 2 is a similar sectional elevation showing the bulb of the brush as collapsed; Fig. 8 is a section on the line 33 of Fig. 1'; Fig. 4c is a sectional elevation of the brush bulb and valve; Fig. 5 is a section along the line 5-5 of Fig. i, and Fig. 6 is an elevation of a combined stopper and auxiliary brush. As shown in the drawings, my improved structure comprises a holder for the shaving soap, a holder forthe bristles forming the brush proper, athird part which serves both as a handle for the brush and as acontainer for water, and a stopper for the soap holder forming also an auxiliary brush. The construction is such that all of these parts may be made of rubber. or similar material so that no corrosion is possible and the entire brush maybe easily and quickly sterilized.

The holder for the soap 10 is indicated at 11 and comprises-a cylinder of soft rubber I of suitablesize, closed at the bottom and joined at its top to an annular member 12.

. This'member 12 acts as a stiffening ring for the soap cylinder 11 and also carries the bristles 13 which form the brush proper. These bristles may be either of rubber integral with the ring 12 or may be of hair embedded in the ring.

Specification of Letters Patent.

- 21 and saturate the bristles.

is to be used without the further'flow of is formed of a relatively thick resilient bulb 1% which merges into arelatively thinner which .stiifens the construction and also serves to hold the various parts firmly together. The upper part of the thickened bulb 1a terminates in a circular flap valve 17 which cooperates with the contiguous part of the holder to form a valve and valve seat through which water is passed into the bulb 14. The bulb 1 f has a flattened section 18 by which it may be set upright when not in use. The brush holder is provided with passages 21, 21 through which the water is supplied to the;brushes. In operation, the bulb is compressed and the bristle end is inserted in a basin ofwater. The bulb is then allowed to expand and water enters the bulb between Patented Aprfifi, 1915.

Application filed April 9, 1914. Serial N 0. 830,588.

removed. This stopper has a solid bristle end, preferably formed of rubber bristles, and when so inserted, it forms with the annular brush 18, a combined brush of large area to which water may-be fed as desired and which may be used for facial massage and like operations. When used for shaving, the soap is adjusted by compressing the bottom of the bulb, as indicated in Fig. 2, until the soap protrudes beyond the line of the bristles 13, the stopper 19 having-first been removed, and after use, the soap may be returned to its original position by depressing it with thumb or. finger. hen the operator desires to moisten the brush with water, a light pressure upon the bulb causes the water to flow through the channels 21, When the brush water, the handle is gripped by the operator at. the point where the neck and bulb merge with each other, and when the brush is so held, it may be manipulated without any further wetting ofthe brush.

Having thus described the invention, I claim: c

1. In combination, a brush, a handle for the brush, a compartment located within said handle adapted to hold soap and to -ing an annular base, the base'being propermit it to expressed therefrom, a second and independent compartment formed With the handle and adapted to hold Water, a channel communicating with the said second compartment and said brush, anda collapsible element included in the said second compartment adapted upon manipulation to feed Water to the brush atWill.

" adapted to control the flow of Water from of collapsible and resilient material formmg a Water compartment separate from the soap pocket, and an annular ,valve surrounding the soap pocket and adapted to control the flow of Water from the handle a to the brush.

v4:. In combination, an annular brush hav- Vided with longitudinal channels for the passage of Water to the brush, a cylindrical soap pocket closed at its lower end and having its upper end terminating Within the 1 said annular base, a bulbous Water co1n- .partment having a cylindrical neck closely fittingthe outside of the annular base and having communication With the said channels, and a valve for controlling 'thefiow of Water from the compartment through the channels to the brush.

5. In combination, an annular brush, a soap pocket concentric with and located Within the brush, and a handle for the brush comprising a resilient bulbous Water compartment, terminating in a neck, the neck being provided internally Withan annular valve adapted to regulate the flow of Water from the compartment to the brush and terminating in a stiffening ring adapted to hold the brush, soap pocket and handle firmly together.

H POLYT J NNE. Witnesses: V V


Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

' i I Washington, D. 0.

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