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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS1140690 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum25. Mai 1915
Eingetragen1. Juli 1914
Prioritätsdatum1. Juli 1914
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 1140690 A, US 1140690A, US-A-1140690, US1140690 A, US1140690A
ErfinderHarry Lipari
Ursprünglich BevollmächtigterHarry Lipari
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US 1140690 A
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extended brush.



Appneanoa fried :any 1, 1914.

To all whom it may concern Be it known tha-t i zen of the United States,'residing in the city and county of San Francisco and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Tooth-Brushes, of which the following is a specification.

This invention rela-tes to tooth brushes.

It is an object ofthe presentinvention to provide an improved tooth brush of collapsible structure in combination with a co'vering case.

The invention consists of the parts and the construction and combination of parts as hereinafter more fully described and claimed, having reference to the accompanying drawings, in which Figure l is a longitudinal section of the Fig. 2 /i a longitudinal section of the collapsed b1 ish. Fig. 3 is a cross section on' line 3-3 of Fig. 2.

'Ihe present device includes a part Q, in which are suitably secured the brush bristles 3, and is provided'with a shank `portion 4, of tapering configuration, increasing in diameter toward its end. This shank porl tion e is telescopic Within a frusto-conoidal. tubular handle section 5, the larger end of which telescopically fits andengages the shell or-end 6, which serves not onl7 the purpose of a handle for the extended brush. when ready for use, but also serves as a portion ofthe cover or casing for the brush parts, when telescoped as shown in Fig. 2. i

Theitelescopic parts 1l, 5 and 6 are designed for coaction, when distended, to forni a substantial lhandle for the manipulation of the brush, and when the telescopic sections are contracted, as shown in Fig. 2. the bristle or head end of the brush, which pro- -jeots from the shell section G, is covered b,v a

cap 7 fitting over the adjacent end of the shell 6, said cap having a hollow' head portion, which opens into an vintegral trough of less diameter than the head, the side walls of the trough serving to prevent spreading of the bristles when the brush head is positionedin the head portion. The cap 7 may loe provided with a chamber S for the reception of a dental preparation, or other ina- Specication of Letters Patent.

I, HARRY LIPARI, a cit-i-` l'atented May 2 19 t5.

Serial No. 848,401.

terial, and is provided with a. removable cover piece 9. l

The shell or cover is preferabh7 of oblong cross section so as to occup)7 as small a .space as possible and so that it may be readilv inserted in the vestv or other pocket and lie in a flat position. V

Having thus described inv invention.l what I claim and desire to secure bv Letters Patent is i l. A tooth brush comprising a bristle head part with a tapering and curved shank. an intermediate tubular tapering handle section cooperating with said shank, when extended. to hold the latter. a tubular end section or shell coperating with the intermediate section, when extended, to hold the latter. said sections being disposed in angular relation to said shank, said sections and shank being telescopic, and a cap for covering the bristle end of the brush extending from the tele scoped parts.

- 2. A tooth brush comprising a bristle bear-'- ing head having a .shank` a sectional handle telescopicallv connected to the shank, a cap having ar hollow head portion. and 'a lower trough integral with the head portion, said cap being sections of the handley when the same is telescoped and receiving the brush head in the hollow head portion thereof so that the bristles thereof are engaged bvthe side walls of the trough.

3. A. tooth brush comprising a bristle-carremovablv connected to one of the

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