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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS1586302 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum25. Mai 1926
Eingetragen17. Aug. 1925
Prioritätsdatum17. Aug. 1925
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 1586302 A, US 1586302A, US-A-1586302, US1586302 A, US1586302A
ErfinderFunk Levi L
Ursprünglich BevollmächtigterFunk Levi L
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Combined flexible tooth cleaner and medicine carrier
US 1586302 A
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May 25, 1926. 1,586,302


Patented May 25, 1926.



Application filed August 17, 1925. Serial No. 50,801.

This invention relates to a device for cleaning the teeth, for cleaning pyorrhea pockets and for the depositing of medicine in said pockets and around said teeth, and for cleaning the spaces between teeth and between teeth and receded gums, and for cleaning bridge work.

Among the objects of the invention is to obtain a device by means of which, in case of pyorrhea, the space between the teeth and the receded gum, usually termed pyorrhea pockets, can be thoroughly cleaned without puncturing the gum and without additional separation of the gum from the teeth, and suitable medicine, in liquid form, can be applied in said pyorrhea pocket. An additional object is to obtain meanswhereby teeth may be cleaned, particularly when said teeth are spaced. apart. An additional object is. to obtain a device of the kind named which can be maintained in a sanitary condition so that the device may be used by a dentist, or other operator on the teeth, and gums of a plurality of persons. A further object is to obtain a device of the kind named which is economically made, durable, and which can be used by a person ordinarily skilled in the art of dentistry, or by a person not so skilled upon and about said persons teeth and gums.

I have illustrated a device embodying this invention in the drawing referred to, in which;

Fig. 1 is a perspective of said device, an elevation of a. tooth and a cross section of the gum adjacent to said tooth, with said device applied thereto.

Fig. 2 is a front elevation of one end of the device embodying the invention.

Fig. 3 is an elevation of one end of a metal member forming an element of the device.

Fig. 1 is a vertical sectional View of the member which is illustrated in Fig. 3, in a partially completed condition.

Fig. 5 is a horizontal section of the metal element of the device, taken on line 5-5 of Fig. 4, viewed as indicated by arrows, and

Fig. 6 is a side elevation of the flexible member of the device, separated from the metal member thereof.

A reference character applied to designate a given part indicates said part throughout the several figures of the drawing wherever the same appears.

1 represents a wire member which is i1- flexible member.

lustrated as formed into a coil as at 2, to obtain a handle portion, by means of which the device may be conveniently handled. In Fig. 1 the wire 1 is extended at each end of the coil 2, and the ends of said extended positions are constructed to receive the flexible member of the device, with said flexible member joined to one of said ends. 3 represents'the flexible member of the device.

To construct an end of the metal member of the device so as to receive the flexible member of said device, the bend 4: or a bend substantially like bend 4 is made, to obtain end 5, and groove 6 is made in said end 5. The walls 7, 7, of said groove 6, at the lower portion of said end 5, are brought together, to meet as on line 8, Fig. 3, thus'obtaining a tubular cone shaped lower portion of said end 5. The flexible member 3 of the device is preferably made of a rubber tube having one end thereof cut into a chisel shape, substantially as at 9, Fig. 6. Said rubber tube is also provided with apertures 10, (see Fig. 2). WVhen said flexible member is prepared as last above recited the cone shaped end 5 of the metal member 1 is forced into the cylindrical end 11, (Fig.5), of the flexible member 3, so that said flexible member is joined to said end 5. When flexible member 3, constructed as described, is joined to end 5, as recited, the flexible end 12, 6, may be forced between a tooth, (13) and a receded gum 14, (Fig. 1), where a pyorrhea pocket, as 15, exists, without tearin or lacerating said gum, and without enlarging said pocket; and liquid, as water, may be forced through the groove 6 and the tubular portion of end 5, into and through the flexible member 3, as by a syringe, into the pocket 15. When a suflicient quantity of said liquid has been.

forced into said pocket the device is removed therefrom and the liquid expelled from said Said flexible member of the device can then be supplied with a medic-- inal liquid, as by immersing it therein, and again applied to said pocket and said medic inal liquid applied to said pocket.

To clean the space between adjacent teeth the end 12 of flexible member 31s entered between said teeth and liquid may be applied as before recited, to clean said space. A

medicinal liquid may then be applied to said space in the same manner as to said pocket, as hereinbefore recited.

A worn flexible member may be detached from the metal member of the device, and a.

new flexible member joined thereto, to replace said worn member.

I claim:

l. A wire member coiled to obtain a han-. 5 dle and bent adjacent .to one end, said end way therethrough.

- 2. A Wire member coiled to obtain a ban dle and bent adjacent to one end, said end cone shaped and provided with a passage having a passage Way way therethrough, in combination with a flexible tubular member chisel shaped at one end, the tubular end thereof joined to said conical shaped end.

3. A wire member coiled to obtain a handle and bent. adjacent to one end, said end provided with a passage way therethrough, in combination with a flexible tubular member, chisel shaped at one end and provided with apertures adjacent to said chisel shaped end, the tubular end thereof joined to said end therethrough.


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