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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS1614044 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum11. Jan. 1927
Eingetragen25. März 1925
Prioritätsdatum27. Okt. 1924
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 1614044 A, US 1614044A, US-A-1614044, US1614044 A, US1614044A
ErfinderCurt Rohrich
Ursprünglich BevollmächtigterCurt Rohrich
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US 1614044 A
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action of a spring in stretche Patented Jan. 11, 1927.




Applicationfiled'ltarch 25, 1825, Serial No. 18,227. and in Germany October 27, 1924.

This invention relates to a ruling instrument improved according to practical experience. Ruling instruments are known in .whioh the ink is forced by pressure to the outflow point. In rulers of this type no means are provided to ensure that always a uniform quantity of ink flows out at t e point and it happens frequently that, when a line is drawn, light and dark spots are formed 'so that the edges of the line are not quite sharp. In otherrulers of known construction means are provided to regulate the flow of ink, but the ink is not forced by pressure to the writingl element.

In my new improve ruler I provlde anew clement controlling the outflow of the ink which consists in a movable, especially oscillatable, head. The ink is forced out of the ink reservoir by a spring-controlled piston but is supplied'only if the head piece stands atv a predetermined angle to the ink reservoir. The head piece is nor'mall held by the that,.if the apparatus is not used, the supply of ink is automatically'shut ofi.

An embodiment of the invention 1s shown,

I by way of example, in the accompanying drawing in which- Fig. 1 shows the improved ruler 1n section.

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of Fig. 1. Referring to' Fig. 1 a tracing head 6 is oscillatably mounted on the lower end of a reservoir 1 and a head 12 with a threaded shaft on the other end. A piston 9 slidably mounted in the reservoir 1 has a leather packing 8 which is strongly pressed onto the piston by means of a nut 10. A helical spring 7 acts upon the piston 9, said piston being attached by a chain 13 to the head 12 so that it can be pulled back by means of this head. The head piece 6 on the front end of the reservoir 1 carries the tracing wheel 3. This head piece 6 is movably mounted on an extension 2 of the reservoir 1. A sleeve 16 rigidly connected to the head 6 by a screw 16 serves as pivot axle and has a bore 17 which communicates with the supply channel 14 of the ink reservoir only if the head 6 stands at a predetermined angle to the reservoir. A spring 21 fixed on a screw 21 serves to hold the head in the straight position so that, if the instrument is not to be used, the supply of ink to the head is shut position so off. In order to regulate the ink supply in accordance with the thickness of the tracing wheel a regulating screw 23 is provided.

which projects into the supply channel. The

This tracing wheel 3 is journaled in thehead piece 6 and cover plate 4, the latter 7 being fixed on the head by means of a nut 5 which holds at the same time a ductor plate 22. To exchange the tracin wheel 3 this cover plate has to be remove For filling the reservoir the piston 9 has to be screwed out in the well known manner.

I claim v 1. A line tracing apparatus for liquid inks, comprising in combination an ink reservoir, means for exertin pressure upon the ink, a head piece oscillata bly mounted on the front end of said reservoir, a tracing wheel movably mounted in said head piece, means for regulating and shutting ofi the outflow of ink from said reservoir, a pivot axle for said head piece, and bores in said pivot axle adapted to come into communication with said reservoir if said head piece stands at a predetermined angle to said reservoir.

2.. A line tracing apparatus for liquid inks, comprising in combination, an ink reservoir,'a piston in said reservoir for bringing the ink'under pressure, a spring acting upon said piston, a knob on the outer side of the top end of said reservoir, a chain connecting said piston with said knob, a head piece oscillatably mounted on the front end of said reservoir having an axial channel, a tracting wheel, means for regulating and shuttin off the outflow of ink from said reservoir, a hollow sleeve serving as pivotaxle for said oscillatable head piece the bore of said sleeve communicating with the axial channel of said head piece and being adapted to be brought into communication with said reservoir if said head piece stands at a predetermined angle to said reservoir, and a spring for maintaining said head piece in the stretched position. 'the communication ture.


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US-Klassifikation401/180, 401/220, 401/181
Internationale KlassifikationB43K8/20, B43K8/00
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