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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS1680196 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum7. Aug. 1928
Eingetragen13. Sept. 1927
Prioritätsdatum13. Sept. 1927
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 1680196 A, US 1680196A, US-A-1680196, US1680196 A, US1680196A
ErfinderAustin Earl C
Ursprünglich BevollmächtigterAustin Earl C
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Toilet case
US 1680196 A
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E. c. AUSTIN TOILET CASE 'Filed Sept. 15, 1927 W- ATTORNEY.

Patented Aug. 7, 1928?.



Applicationfiled September 13, 1927. Serial No. 219,303.

This invention relatesto toilet cases and is 1nore particularly concerned with a portable case which maybe used in the home as a wall fixture or maybe carried as a traveling accessory. e

An object of the invention is'to provide a compac-tcase having structural provision for holding the necessary articles of toilet in a convenient and accessible manner. 1

A further object of the invent-ion isto provide a case ofthis character which includes protective pockets for certain toilet articles of a personal nature.

Another and important object of the invention is to provide in a toilet case a novel holding means for tube containers ofpaste andthe like which dispenses with'the-use of their screw caps and forms a permanent protective and dispensing mount .for'the tube. V Theseand other objects and features will be more fully apparent from the following detailed description of a preferable embodi extending tubular ment of the invention when readin conjunction with the accompanying drawings forming part thereof and in which,

Figure 1 is a front elevation of a case con structed in accordance with the invention showing the toilet accessories appropriately mounted therein, I 1 Figure 2 is an endelevation of the case shownin Fig.1, Figure 3 is an enlarged detail of a tube holding head mounted in the case,

Figure 1 is an end elevation of the head detached, p 7 e Figure 5 is a top plan view of the same,

Figure 6'is a side elevation of a head, partly :in section showing a: ported slide thereover.

Referring to the 'drawings'by numerals, 1 is an upper and 2 a lower ledge connected at their rear by a wall 3 forming the back of the case The upper ledge 1, on its upper ace is formed with a plurality of laterally pockets 4:, cut away at one end, as at 5, Fig. 1, for access and designed to receive articles of toiletrequiringcoverageprotection such as shaving and tooth rushes, comb, etc. The lower ledge 2 is formed with a central containerseat 6 fronted by a retaining wall 7 at thefront edge of the ledge 2,.from which a-leaf spring 8 npstands and acts as a follower spring to press a container such as the powder can 9,

a safety razor and an alum tubes as containers for toothpaste,

heads 21 of -which are against the face of the back wall3-which is preferably faced at this point with suitable backing 10. I

At opposite sides of the container seat,

tubular holders or pockets l1 and 12 upstand so from the ledge 2. Preferably they are posi tioned sufliciently far from each end to ermit the collapsible tubes hereinafter described to depend from the upperledge 1. The tubular holders 11 and 12 may be'used 05 for example, to hold the handle portion of pencil, or other accessory. The ledge 2 may be deep enough to' permit other accessories to be seated thereon with the container 9, as for example, the packet of safety razor blades 13 which are engaged by the follower spring 8,

as seen in Figs. 1 and 2.

The almost universal use of collapsible shaving 7b 7 etc., makes it necessary to provide means for carrying these articles on the toilet'case. I have provided novel and advantageous means to this end as follows:

The under face of the upper ledge 1 from its front edge inwardly isformed at the ends of the ledge with dove-tailed slots 14 terminating in upwardly inclined bases 15, Fig. 3, with inwardly inclined side walls. These slots receive and hold collapsibletube heads in the form of blocks 16 having downwardly converging side walls corresponding to the taper of the dove-tailed ledge slots and having noses'l? at their inner ends with upward bevels 18 to engage inclines 15 and upwardly tapering side walls. These blocks are formed with vertical discharge openings 19 with depending alined nipples, the enlarged internally threaded to receive the upper threaded ends of opened collapsible tubes 22. The caps on the ends of the tubes are unscrewed and the threaded tube ends are screwed up in the nipples 21., the tubes remaining permanently in. place until their contents have been discharged 109 through the openings 19 inthe heads lfi. he contents of the tubes suspended from the blocks 16 are maintained against deterioration by reason of the wedging of the top faces of the block against the underside of 10 the upper ledge throughth'e action of the coacting inclines 15, 18. Strips of compressible sheet cork 23 appropriately sealed to the under face of the ledge lat the top of the slots thereinassists in maintaining an air 210 and toilet creams,

tight fit around the discharge openings to. eonservethe freshness of the tube contents.

' Provision is made for a plurality of tubes by having dove-tailed slots let extending inwardly from the sideedges of ledge 1 (see,

Fig. 2) with similar head blocks, the tubes 22 Fig. 2, supported thereby, being in sta gered relation to the adjacent tubes depeno- 3 ing from the head the head blocks maybe effected through a ported slide 24: shown in Fig. 6, as resting on the top and embracing the sides of the head blocks 16, these sliding covershaving inner flanges 25 downturned over the end of the noses 18 of the blocks and finger lips 26 at-their outer ends. Ajport or opening 27 in the slide and an alinedopening in itslcork underlining 28 will aline with the discharge port; 19 of the block, when the headis moved outwardly in its slot and the slide 2% is pushed inwardly as indicated in dotted lines in Fig. 6; A cross bar 29 entending between'the' sides of theslide ,wlll engage the dependingnipple 20 of the block and position the port 27 inllne with the discharge opening 19 of the block The headblock thus equipped will seat. inthe dove-tailed groove similarly to the first describedblock lti and as indicated in Fig. 3.

The bloclrin either case, 1s pulled out of its. slot when it is; desired to discharge some of the contentsof the supported tube, the latter being progressively collapsed to eject its contents through a-discharge opening 19, or through the alined openings 19 and 27 in theform shown in Fig. 6. i The described; toiletcase therefore, provides "for the mounting of all: practical toilet necessities in a compact, convenientfor-use. cage, Its form permit-s its embodiment in variousnnediums such as celluloid, alumij 4 It is not-only susceptible of use; as a travelling case or wall nonnt forbathrooms, but as an advertising and. display Inedium for toilet goods and accessories. 5] l V a i ,Tlie form in which the invention is illus-- trated, while representing a preferable form o'fvthe invention is illustrative thereofand not intended to be'restrictive. Modifications in form and arrangementare contemplated within .the spirit of the invention and the sc pe of theappended claims. 1

; -;What is, claimed is:'-' 1. A toilet case having upper and lower ledges formed. with article-holding pockets and spacedby a wall=forming theback of thecase, one of said ledges having recesses therein seating tube-holding heads.

. 2., A toilet ease having; an upper ledge formed with lateral tubular pockets, a lower ledge having upright pockets spaced-by a central article seat with retaining outer edge forming the back of the case,

of the upper ledge having slots wall, and a wall connectingthe upper and lower ledges at their inner edgesand forming the back of the case.

3. A, toilet case having upper and lower ledgesformed, with article holding pockets therein and spaced by a connecting wall the under face therein eX tending inwardlyfrom its edge, and blocks. forming tube holding heads supported for sliding movement lll'iLIlCl out of said. recesses and having depending. tube holding) means. 1' a v 4-. A toilet. case comprising upper. and lower ledgesconnected at their rearby a wall formingtheback of the case,- the 11pper ledge havingaa plurality ofv laterally ex-. tending tubular compartmentsopen-at one end of the. case, the lower ledge having .a central article holding seat with a. retaining-wall at its outer edge andupstanding tubular pockets at opposite sides ofsaid seat. 7 V v 5. A toilet caseprcomprising upper and lowerledges provided with article holding pockets (and connected atjtheirrear by a of the'case, one of Wall -;forming the back said ledges having. on its under face holding means for the ends. of collapsible toilettubes.

forming the. back of the case, said upper ledge having on its upper; face, laterally ex: tending tubular pockets and' on its under face collapsible tube supporting heads, and

- 6. A toilet case comprising upper and:

lower edges connected at their rear by awall the lower ledge having a centrally located container seat. fronted by. a retaining wall and follower spr ng, with upstanding tubu-.

lar. pockets at opposite sides of said" seat.

7. A toilet case comprising a;,=back wall and a} ledge projecting outwardly therefrom, the under face having aslot extending inwardly :fromitsedge and a block fitted and supported in said'slot and having a dependingxn'ipple toreceive the upper threaded end of an opened collapsibleftube.

8.LA toileticase: comprising a backgwall and .a ledge projecting outwardly therefrom, the under face offsaid ledge having slots therein extending inwardly froinits front and; side edges and blocksfittedinjsaid slots and havingmeans to engagefand support theupper ends of collapsible tubes. I

:9. A toilet case comprising a back wall and a ledge, projecting outwardly therefrom,the underface of said ledge mounting a block havingan' ejecting opening therethrough with. a depending alined. nipple threaded toireceive the upper threadedend of .a collapsible tube. 1 A

10. A toilet case comprising aback wall and a ledge projecting outwardly therefrom, the under face ofsaidiledgelmount- 1 inga' block having an ejectingwopening therethrough with a depending alined niprea ies from and having its under face provided with a dove-tailed recess extending inwardly from 1ts edge and terminating 11'1'311 upwardly tapered inchne, and a block having correspondingly dove-tailed sides and an upwardly tapered nose slidingly fitted in said recess and wedged upwardly against its top by said nose and incline, said block having a discharge opening therethrough and an alined nipple to receive the open upper 15 end of a-collapsible tube.

12. A toilet case a ledge supported mounting a ported dispensing means to engage and end of a collapsible Signed at Huntington in the county Cabell and State of day of September,

having a back wall and thereby and slidably head having support the open upper 20 tube.

West Virginia this 7th EARL G. AUSTIN.

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