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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS1700690 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum29. Jan. 1929
Eingetragen19. Sept. 1927
Prioritätsdatum19. Sept. 1927
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 1700690 A, US 1700690A, US-A-1700690, US1700690 A, US1700690A
ErfinderStafford Ethel G
Ursprünglich BevollmächtigterStafford Ethel G
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Dental floss holder
US 1700690 A
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Jan. 29, 1929. v1,700,690

Y E. G. STAFFORD DENTAL FLOSS HOLDER Filed Sept.19, 1927 manner 4a ring Qdfor attachment thereto oit said chainV or cord, not shown.

When the parts of the device are assembledV the closed terminal ofthe slot l() ot the handle 5 lies just outside the extension 7 of the body l leaving an opening through whichl the floss may be drawn from the bobbin 17, y

i permit it, the bobbin and the cap to rotate arms and 3 by rotating the'bobbin, said cap when the floss is drawn 'from said bobbin. rlhe end of the floss is drawn through the slits 3 and 2, thence being wound once or twice within the groove 22 and thence again bach through the slit 2 it desired. Due to winding the floss in the slit and groove itv is clear that it will be very positively held so that no amount ot' strainer pull will withdraw the lfloss 'from the arm 2.

Having thnssecured the loss the cap 6 is now turned to tighten the tloss across the at the same timebeing carried into snug trictional engagementwith the'handie compressf ,Y

ing the interposed spring 15, the device noi-,v beingV ready for use.' The said spring 15" is provided in orderthat upon loosening the.

cap that-member will be carried clear olf, any trictional engagement insuring that the bobbin will be entirely free to rotate and that there will be no friction between the cap and handle. However, such spring has not sui'licient tension K to separate the cap from the handle when these parts are carried into engagement'. The particular arrangement of thefrictional surfaces of the cap andhandle may perhaps be departed`v from while permitting the .desired action and the advantages to Vvl/*lille l have shown the slit 2 in the end ot the'arm 2 as severing said arm down to the groove 22 as in Figure 9, said slit may be otherwise produced so long as the required resultot positively holding the floss is produced;

I claim:A y

1:. lin a dental liess holder, the combinationr of aI body portion, a tubular handle eX'- be derived therefrom.

tending' therefrom, ay cap leo/engage the outer end or" the handle, Aene ot the last named memportion having a i bers being tapered and the other having a tapered bore complementary thereto, the two members adapted to be fixed relatively in a desiredy adjustment through trictional engagement by endwise pressure of one on 'the other, and a `bobbin in said handle operatively engaging the cap and turned thereby.

Q.k ln a dental liess holder, the combinati on Y ot a body portion, a tubular handle extend ing therefrom, a cap to engage the'outer end ot the handle, one ol the last named members being tapered and the other having a tapered bore complementary thereto, the two members adapted to be fixed rrelatively in af desired adjustment through rictionalengagement by vendwise pressure o' one on the other, a bob# bin in said handle operatively engaging the ap and turned thereby, and a compression spring interposed between the handlev and said cap. .y

3. ln a dental floss holder, the combination oi a body portion, a tubular handle extending therefrom, acap to engage the outer end oif the handle, one ofthe last named members being tapered and the other having a tapered bor-e complementary thereto, the two men bers adapted to be lixe'd relatively in adesired adjustment through'frictional engagement by endwise pressure'ot one on the other, a bobbin in said handle, a shaft aliixed to the cap and operatively engaging the bobbin whereby rotation ot the said cap willrotate said bobbin, and a compression spring inter.- posed between the capk and said handle.

il. 'lhe combination, ina dental tloss holder including a hollow handle, a pair of'V spaced arms normally Fixed atfone end ot the handle between which tostre'tch floss, the other end of the handle being tapered, a bobbin in said handle for carrying lloss, a shalt on which the bobbin is slidable endwise but rotatably driven by said shaft, av cap having a t L ered bore complementary to the tapered end ot the handle and ifrictionally engaging the latter, said shait being tiXe'd to said cap,

and a compression spring interposed between the handle-end and the inner wallet said cap.

5. rlihe combination with a dental' liess holder including a hollow handle, a'l'shat in and extending longitudinally ot the handle and having a flat surliace extending therealong, and a bobbin including a sleeve portion upon which to wind floss, said sleeve ,rt thereof depressed below the periphery vniereol to iorm av flat surlace within the bore of saidl Sleeve to engage upon the said 'flat surta-ce of the shalt.

ln testimony whereof l a'iiii; my signature.



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