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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS1742157 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum31. Dez. 1929
Eingetragen14. Febr. 1927
Prioritätsdatum14. Febr. 1927
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 1742157 A, US 1742157A, US-A-1742157, US1742157 A, US1742157A
ErfinderThomas Christian
Ursprünglich BevollmächtigterThomas Christian
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Dispensing device
US 1742157 A
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yvill be highly eiiicient in use and economical in manufacture.

` `is to provide a tooth brush, particularly of "i the bristles 12, carried by the head through vterior 15 communicating lWith-the. duct 11 11? has' a threadedl portion 17 'adapted for ,mental Dee.' 31,1929 '1,742,157


DIsPENsING DnVicE Application filed February 14, 1927. Serial No. 168,140.

arranged therein the dentifrice 24, said c0ntainer to be hereinafter more fully described. The plug 22 has formed therein a central opening 25 for the passage of a stem 26 carrying a plunger disc 27. Thisplunger disc 27 is of a diameter to snugly iit in the tube 23 and has formed thereon a threaded stud 28 which is adapted to be threaded into the interlor end portion of the .stem 26. A plunger sleeveis indicated at 29 and is adapted to have 60 telescopical relation With the magazine 19 and the closed end portion 30 of this sleeve 29 has a threaded studq 31 which is adapted to bev threaded into the opposite end portion ofthe stem 26. Embracing the stem 26 and dis- 65 posed between the closed end 30 and the plug '.lhe inventionA consists' in the novel vcom- 22 is a spring member 32 Whichfunctions to bination and arrangement of parts to be here retain the sleeve 29 and plunger 27 in their inafter described and claimed. y outer-most position with respect to the magarThe invention will be best understood b'yzine 19. l reference to the accompanying dra-Wings, rlhe tube illustrated in Fig. 3has one end showing the preferred form oi construction portion formed substantially frustro-conical and in which: y I in shape for insertion 'in the socket 15. This Fig., 1 is a longitudinal vertical sectional tube is formed of light metal and has its opdetail view of the invention; posite end portion opened to receive a removlig. 2 is a perspective view of the same and /able'cap l l(not shown) which functions to reinig. 3 is a perspective View of a 'dentifrice tain the dentifrice in the tube. container; f in use, the apex of the rustro-conical in the drawing, l jhave shown the tooth shaped endportion 33 of the tube 23 is sevbrush .embodying my invention, on a vlarge ered on the dotted line 34. The tube With its 80 scale for clearness purpose and it. is to be cap removed is now placed in the magazine understood that the tooth brush as a whole; 19 Withthe end portion 33 thereof snuglyt# maybe of any size and ornamentation. to inting in the socket 15. 'lihe plug 22 is secured crease the appearance thereofa The tooth brush includes a head 10. This This invention relates to certain novel improvements in dispensing devices and has for its principal object the provision of an improved construction of thischaracter which Among theseveral objects of the invention the type adapted to carry a supply of dentifrice in powder or paste form, With a magazine adapted to receive a dentifrice container and with a plunger operable longitudinally Within the container for ej'ecting the dentitrice through and into a duct leading to the bristles of the tooth brush.`

i Other objects will appear hereinafter.

to tne magazine and the plunger 27 arranged telescopical position with respect to the magazine 19 the plunger will act'on the dentifrice and-force a certain amount of the same 'into the duct 11 and A through the o enings'13 into the bristles 12, 90 said amount oi dentifrice ejectedthrough the openin s 13 depending u on the movement of the s eeve 29"finto said te escopical osition.;

When the sleeve is released a er this movement the spring 32 will act to return the 95 same together with the plunger 'in itsoutermost position.

vWhile 1 have illustrated and described the preferred form of'construction for carrying my mvention into eiect, this iS capable of 100 formed thereina duct 11 communicating with the .medium of openings 13.V The inner end portion of the head 10 is provided .with a socket 14 having a frustro-conical shaped in through a 'restricted passage lffI The socket threaded engagement with the threaded neck 18 of a magazine 19. The inner end portion of thevmagazine has ai threaded portionV 20V adaptedl for threaded engagement with a threaded neck 21 of aplug 22. This magazine 19 is adapted tox house a tube 23 having y 4 in the open end of the tube 251. `By moving the 85 t head 10 may be oi any conigurationand has, sleeve 29 into ing the cap slidable movement` with -respect thereto,`

.variation and modification, without de ing from the spiritof the invention. I, t erefore, do not wish to be limited to the precise details of construction set forth, but desire to avail myself of such variations and modilications as come within the scope of the appended claims.

Having thus described my invention what I- claim as new and desire to protect by Letm ters Patent is I tubev including .housi stricte discharge opening atone end .thereofA 1. A device for ejecting toothpaste from a a ma ine for removably the tube an provided with a reand having its opposite end open, a removable plug closing the open end and provided with a centrally located opening, a piston operable in the tube, a plun r carrying the piston and slidable throng the openin of the plug, a cap slidably associated with t e magazine for telescopical movement with respect to said magazine, means detachably connectto the plunger, upon said cap for moving tion to dispose the tug: opposite the discharge opening of the tu i 2. A device for ejecting tooth paste including a magazine having an openA end and a discharge o ning opposite said open end, a plug e open end of the magazine, a pis'- ton mounted for' reciprocatory movement in the'magazine a plunger carryin and supported by the plug for sli giable movement, a cap associated with the magazine for means providing threaded connection between the cap and-the plunger, and resilient means acting upon the cap for moving said cap and plunger in an extended,` direction from said magazine.

I ntestimony whereof'i'I aix m vsi nature.


and means acting the cap in a direcpiston at the end-of the y the piston

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