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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS2136843 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum15. Nov. 1938
Eingetragen26. Apr. 1937
Prioritätsdatum26. Apr. 1937
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 2136843 A, US 2136843A, US-A-2136843, US2136843 A, US2136843A
ErfinderDinkel Andrew J
Ursprünglich BevollmächtigterDinkel Andrew J
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US 2136843 A
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NOV. 15, 1938. A J. DINKEL 2,136,843

CABINET Filed April 26, 1957 Nrn Patented Nov. l5, 1938 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE 2,136,843 CABINET Andrew J. Dinkel, Clyde, N. Y.

Application April 26, 1937, Serial No. 138,976

1 Claim.

This invention relates to cabinets, and has .special reference to small portable cabinets adapted to be mounted on a dresser or table, or the like, so as to support toilet articles in position convenient for use.

An object'of the invention is to provide a small portable cabinet including a base, a triangular series of posts extending upwardly from the base and supporting a top, with receptacles pivoted to two of the posts at the front for swinging movements to superimposed position below the top and above the base and from said position outwardly to open lreceptacles therein, and also to open a receptacle in the base.

Another object of the invention is to provide means in connection with said swinging receptacles whereby they will engage or abut against the third post at the rear, which iunctionsas a stop to limit extent oi swinging movements of the pivoted-receptacies and thereby hold them in position in which the lower swinging receptacle functions as 4a lid for the base and the upper swinging receptacle functions as a lid for the lower swinging receptacle, while the top of the cabinet functions as a lid for the upper swinging receptacle.

@ther objects of the invention will be readily apparent from the following description, refer ence being made to the annexed drawing, in which- Fig. i is a perspective view of my improved cabinet looking toward the front of the cabinet, the swinging receptacles being in open positions.

Fig. 2 is a perspective View of the cabinet looking toward one side thereof. the swinging receptacles being in closed positions.

Fig. 3 is a. rear elevation of the cabinet, a part thereof being in section.

Fig. 4 is an enlarged sectional view approximately on the line 4--4 of Fig. 2.

Fig. 5 is a sectional view on the line 5-5 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 6 is a sectional view on the line 6-8 of Fig. 2.

The base I may consist of a single piece of wood or Bakelite, or other appropriate material, of ornamental configuration and having at the rear portion thereof a wall 2 forming a receptacle 3 and, at the front thereof, a wall 4 forming a receptacle 5. A rod 6 (Fig. 6) has its lower end attached to the rear end of the base I, and

a post 'l is mounted on said rod, having its lower end seated upon the base I and its upper end supporting the rear end of the cabinet top 8. A part 9 attached to the lower end of the rod t prevents upward withdrawal of the rod from the base, and an ornamental head Ill having rigid therein an internally threaded sleeve II is attached to the upper end of said rod t by screwing the upper end of said rod into said sleeve il.

Two posts I2 (Fig. 5) are attached to the sides of the base I between the receptacles 3 and t so that -the post 'l and the posts lll form a triangular series. il. receptacle or tray I8 has at one side an arm. it pivoteol on one of the posts It and has on its opposite side an arm it adapted to engage against the post l to limit extent of inward swinging movement of the receptacle or tray It when the latter is swungr inwardly over the receptacle t. The bottom wall oi the recepl5 tacle it functions as a lid or closure for the receptacle il when the receptacle it is in closed position. it. sleeve It is mounted on the post it upon which the receptacle it is pivoted and prevents vertical movement of said receptacle while leaving said receptacle free for inward and outward swinging movements. in extension il of the arm it constitutes av handle whereby the receptacle it may be manually moved from closed position, shown in Fig. 2, to open position, shown in Fig. i, and vice versa.

To the other post it, a receptacle it is pivoted, being supported upon a sleeve It mounted on the lower portion oi the post to which the recepw tacle Id is pivoted. The vertical length of the. post I9 is equal to the vertical length or height of the receptacle It so that, when both receptacles are in closed position, the receptacle I8 functions as a closure or lid for the receptacle I3. An arm 20 extending from one side of the receptacle I8 is analogous to the arm I4, and an arm 2| extending from the opposite side of said receptacle I8 abuts against the post 1 when the receptacle I8 is in closed position under the top 8. When in said closed position, the top 8 is a lid or closure for the receptacle I8. A handle 22 extends from the arm 20 for manual engagment to operate the receptacle I8.

As shown in Fig. 5, the receptacle I3 is formed 45 with a shoulder 23 constituting a support for a frame 24 having a series of upwardly extending arms 25. These arms extend inwardly and upwardly from the frame 2t and constitute a support for an elastic member 2t which, in turn, 50 may function to support powder puffs or other toilet articles near the top of the receptacle I3 and above other articles that may be placed in wall 21 forming a'receptacle 28 adapted to contain toilet articles or accessories.

The upper ends of the posts 2 are utilized for various purposes. As shown, they support the forward end of the lid 3 that constitutes a closure for the receptacle I3. They also support ornamental receptacles 23 the lower ends of which are seated on the lid 3 and are held in connection therewith by nuts or heads attached to the upper threaded ends oi' the posts |2. 'I'he two receptacles 29 are in front of the receptacle 23 and are conveniently accessible.

A pair of posts 3| are attached to the rear portion of the lid 3 and they support a rod 32. Metallic abutments 33 may be mounted against the inner sides of the posts 3l on the rod 32. A frame 34 is attached to a bearing member 35 rotatively mounted on the rod 32 between the posts 3|. Knobs 36 have embedded therein internally threaded sleeves 31 which are screwed on the ends of the rod 32 into engagement with the outer sides of the posts 3| so as to apply suflicient pressure against said posts to hold the frame 34 frictionally in any adjustment to which it may be turned. A spring 33 may be mounted in the part 35 having one end pressing against the bottom of the recess in which lt is mounted and the opposite end pressing against the washer 33 so as to create suiiicient frictional resistance to support the frame 34, irrespective of whether the knobs 36 become loose or not. The frame 34 has therein a groove 39 which will support the lower end of a. mirror 40 and which groove is wide enough to receive, additionally, the lower end portion of a picture or photograph, or other article, 4|, as

desired.V The article 4| is easily removable and replaceable so as to make the mirror convenient for use.

It should now be apparent that this invention comprises an ornamental and useful article that functions as a cabinet to contain various toilet articles and accessories in positions convenient for use, and that the device is easily portable. The construction and arrangement may be varied without departure from the nature and principle thereof.

I claim:

A cabinet comprising a base elongated forwardly and rearwardly, three posts rising from said base in triangular series in which one of said posts is at the rear and the remaining two posts are approximately midway of the length of the base and at opposite sides thereof and equidistant from said rear post, a top rigidly attached to the upper ends of said posts, two receptacles, arms integral with said receptacles respectively and pivoted to said respective front posts for supporting said receptacles during swinging movements thereof, other arms integral with said receptacles for engaging opposite sides of said rear post when said receptacles are moved to position one above the other and below said top, and handles integral with said first named arms for swinging said receptacles to and from position in which said second named arms engage said rear post and in which one of said receptacles is closed by said top and closes the other receptacle.


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