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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS2806238 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum17. Sept. 1957
Eingetragen28. Juni 1954
Prioritätsdatum28. Juni 1954
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 2806238 A, US 2806238A, US-A-2806238, US2806238 A, US2806238A
ErfinderJr Stephen Wisey
Ursprünglich BevollmächtigterJr Stephen Wisey
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Dispensing valve
US 2806238 A
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P 7, 1957 s. WlSEY, JR 2,806,238


57.65am Ma y/5 United States Patent DISPENSING VALVE Stephen Wisey, Jr., Nassau County, N. Y.

Application June 28, 1954, Serial No. 439,634

3 Claims. (Cl. 15138) This invention relates to a valve and to a valved toothbrush having a tubular handle and means secured thereto for propelling toothpaste under gas pressure through said handle.

It is an object of this invention to provide a valve.

It is another object of this invention to provide a combination of la toothbrush having a hollow handle and secured through valve means to a container having toothpaste under gaseous pressure.

It is another object of this invention to provide a pressure resistant container having a valve therein adapted to be secured to a hollow h andled toothbrush.

It is a further object of this invention to provide a pressure resistant container having a slide valve secured thereto.

These and other objects of this invention will become apparent upon reading the disclosure in conjunction with the illustrative embodiments in which:

Fig. 1 is a side view partly in section, and showing the manner of securing a hollow toothbrush to a pressure resistant container through a dispensing valve,

Fig. 2 is similar to Fig. 1 showing another embodiment of the invention wherein a stretchable valve collar is used in lieu of the rigid collar of Fig. 1,

Fig. 3 is a side view of the valve dispenser tube,

Fig. 4 is a side view of the valve collar and Fig. 5 is a section View taken on line 55 of Fig. 2.

Referring to Figs. 1 and 2, a toothbrush is provided with a tubular conduit 11 and lateral sub-conduits 12 leading to the bristles 13. The handle end of the conduit 11 is provided with screw-threads adapted to engage corresponding thrcads on valve dispenser 14. The valve dis- ,penser 14 is provided with a flared flange 15.

The valve dispenser 14 (Fig. 3) may be made from two pieces or it may be of unitary structure, consisting of .a tube 16 having an apertured nozzle 17 and an abutment section 18 secured thereto.

The nozzle 17 is provided with a plurality of rectangular openings to permit passage of fluid or plastic toothpaste from the container into the tubular element 16 and thence into conduit 11.

Where 'a two piece valve dispenser is used (Fig. 3), a rigid plastic collar 19 and a coil spring 16x are slidably disposed on the tubular element 16 after which the abutment 18 having a cavity to receive the end of nozzle 17 is press fitted or otherwise secured thereto.

Where a rigid collar (Fig. 1), made from plastic, for example, is used the entire collar is freely slidable on tubular element 16 preferably against a coil spring 161:. However, in the modification shown in Fig. 2, the collar 19 is made of rubber and the forward collar flange 20 is secured to flared flange by suitable cement or other conventional means.

The rubber collar may he slid over the flared flange 15 for a unitary tubular element wherein the abutment section 18 is integral with tubular section 16. The collar 19 (Fig. 4) consists of a tubular element 21x having rectangular apertures 22 therein adapted to mate with the corresponding rectangular apertures of nozzle 17.

Turning to Fig. 4, the collar 19 is provided with an outer collar flange 20 secured in spaced apart relationship to an inner collar flange 21. The distance between collar flanges 20 and 21 is adapted for receiving the wall of a container 23 disposed therebetween. The container is secured to collar 19 in a gas tight manner by suitable adhesive or by other conventional means.

In operating the modification of Fig. 1, movement of the container 23 containing toothpaste under gas pressure is effected to the right and away from brush 10 against coil spring16x causing the rigid collar 19 to slide on element 16 until apertures 22 are disposed over the corresponding apertures of tubular element 16. The registry of the apertures described above, causes the contents in container 23 to be forced into the brush conduit 11 and thenceinto the bristles through sub-conduits 12. To cut oil the dispensing of toothpaste (Fig. 1) the container 23 is pushed toward brush 10 by coil spring 16x which causes the apertured slidable collar 19 to move to the left and out of register with the apertures of nozzle 17.

In the modification shown in Fig. 2, the collar 19:: is made of resilient or elastic material such as rubber and since collar flange 20x is cemented to flared flange 15, an outward pulling movement on container 23 causes the bridge piece 24 between the collar flanges 20x and 21x to stretch. This stretching of collar bridge piece 24 permits the inner collar flange 21x and tubular section 22x to slide on element 16 until registry of apertures 22 is made with the apertures of nozzle 17 whereupon the paste under gaseous pressure is forced into the brush 10.

Release of the pulling force on container 23 (Fig. 2) causes the elastic force of stretched rubber collar 19x to pull the container and the slidably displaced sections of collar 19x to return to their original non-operative position with the said apertures being disposed out of registry, thereby preventing the further dispensing of toothpaste. Fig. 5 shows the registry of apertures during the dispensing operation of the device.

This invention is not to be limited to its disclosure but rather to the claims herein.

I claim:

1. A toothpaste dispensing device comprising a hollow handle toothbrush having a hollow brush head said brush head having apertures therein communicating with the hollow interior thereof; a rigid cylindrical valve element having at one end a tubular borehole therein and a stop flange adjacent the mouth of said borehole and having a solid end flange secured to the other end, said cylindrical element being removably secured at the borehole end to said hollow toothbrush handle, said borehole having a plurality of apertures communicating with the outside surface of said cylindrical element adjacent said end flange; collar means having a section having a pair of spaced-apart flanges at one end integral with a tubular cylindrical section having a plurality of apertures therein communicating with the interior thereof said collar means being slidably land captively disposed upon said cylindrical element to effect registration of the respective apertures therebetween; and a container having a top wall having an aperture therein, the edge of said aperture being disposed between the said flanges of said collar element in gas-tight relationship.

2. A dentrifice dispensing device for dispensing dentrifice under gaseous pressure comprising a toothbrush having a hollow handle integral with and communicating with a hollow brush head having apertures disposed in the brush head surface [and communicating with the interior of the hollow brush head; a cylindrical tubular collar element having a pair of spaced-apart flanges at one end and having at least one aperture disposed in the ice a 3 cylindrical surface at the opposite end in communication with the interior thereof; a cylindrical valve element having a borehole at one end, a stop flange adjacent the mouth of said borehole and being removably secured at said borehole end to said hollow handle a solid end abutment at the other end and having at least one aperture adjacent said abutment and communicating with said borehole said cylindrical valve element being disposed slidably in said tubular collar element so that the apertures of said tubular element selectively register with said [apertures of said cylindrical valve element; a pressure resistant container having an aperture in the top wall thereof, with the edge of said container aperture being disposed between said flanges of said tubular collar element in gas tight relationship and with the apertures of said collar and valve members disposed within said container, and a coil spring disposed interiorly of said container and between a flange of said pair of flanges and said end abutment of said cylindrical valve element for continuously urging the apertures in the valve and collar members out of register.

3. A toothpaste dispensing device comprising a contrainer having a single opening therein, a resilient elastic tubular collar having a first and a second flange at one end integral with.a tubular section, said tubular section having at least one Iaperture communicating with the interior thereof, the edges of the container opening being disposed in gas tight relationship between said first and second flanges with the first flange in abutting relation to the external surface of the container and with said tubular section extending into the container, a cylindrical longitudinal rigid valve dispenser element slidably disposed in the collar member and having a stop flange at one end located externally of the container and secured to said first flange, said valve element having a solid abutment at the end opposed to the stop flange end and having further a borehole extending from the stop flange end to a point adjacent to said abutment, said valve element having at least one aperture communicating with said borehole adjacent said solid abutment and adapted to register with the aperture of said elastic collar, a hollow handle member removably secured to said valve element and in communication with the borehole of the valve element, said hollow handle merging into a hollow brush head having apertures therein communicating with the hollow handle whereby movement of the container away from the hollow handle stretches the elastic collar to effect registration of its aperture with the aperture of the said valve element.

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