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VeröffentlichungsnummerUS2823401 A
Veröffentlichungsdatum18. Febr. 1958
Eingetragen15. Jan. 1954
Prioritätsdatum15. Jan. 1954
VeröffentlichungsnummerUS 2823401 A, US 2823401A, US-A-2823401, US2823401 A, US2823401A
ErfinderMichael O'higgins
Ursprünglich BevollmächtigterMichael O'higgins
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Tooth brush
US 2823401 A
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Feb. 18, 1958 M. O'HIGGINS TOOTH BRUSH Filed Jan. 15, 1954 'FIG.

FIG. 2.

FIG. 3.

.0 u m 6 ..I 3 M 7 I INVENTOR.

MICHAEL OIl/GG/NS HTTORNEY XV United States Patent TOOTH BRUSH Michael OHiggins, Washington, D. C.

Application January 15, 1954, Serial No. 404,259

1 Claim. (Cl. 15131.1)

The present invention relates to a tooth brush and has for its primary object to facilitate the distribution of a dentifrice onto the bristles of the brush.

Another object is to store in the handle and head of the tooth brush a dentifrice which may be readily deposited on the bristles of the brush.

Still another object is to agitate the dentifrice and prevent the caking thereof within the head of the tooth brush.

The above and other objects may be attained by employing this invention which embodies among its features a hollow handle, a hollow-head, bristles carried by the head and projecting laterally outwardly therefrom, said head having dentifrice discharge openings extending through the side thereof adjacent the bristles, a valve mounted in the head to move longitudinally therein, and control the discharge of the dentifrice through the openings, and means carried by the handle and operatively connected to the valve for moving it.

Other features include pins carried by the valve and projecting outwardly therefrom within the head for agitating the dentifrice contained therein each time the valve is moved.

In the drawings:

Figure l is a side view in elevation of a tooth brush embodying this invention and showing the cap thereof in section.

Figure 2 is a longitudinal sectional view through the tooth brush with the cap removed.

Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional view taken substantially on line 33 of Figure 2, and

Figure 4 is an enlarged transverse sectional view taken substantially on the line 44 of Figure 1.

Referring to the drawing in detail a tooth brush designated generally comprises a tubular handle 12 into one end of which is fitted a removable plug 14. The end of the handle 12 remote from the plug 14 is provided with a collar 16 having an external diameter somewhat less than the diameter of the handle 12. Formed in the handle 12 adjacent the end thereof remote from the collar 16 is an enlarged longitudinal slot 18 and mounted on the handle to slide longitudinally thereon in covering relation to the slot 18 is a button 20. An arm 22 is carried by the button 20 for movement therewith and this arm projects into the interior of the handle through the slot 18. The end of the arm remote from the button 20 is bifurcated as at 24 and carries a cross pin 26 the purpose of which will hereinafter appear.

Fitted onto the collar 16 and extending longitudinally from the handle 12 is a hollow brush head 28 carrying adjacent one side outwardly extending bristles 30 and extending through the wall 32 of the brush head 28 adjacent the bristles 30 is a row of longitudinally spaced denti- "ice frice discharge openings 34. Carried by the head 28 and projecting inwardly thereof in spaced parallel relation to the wall 32 are longitudinally extending guide flanges 36.

Mounted for longitudinal sliding movement within the head 28 between the Wall 32 and flanges 36 is a valve plate 38 having a row of longitudinally spaced openings 40 extending therethrough which upon movement of the valve plate 38 longitudinally between the wall 32 and guide flanges 36 are adapted to register with the dentifrice discharge openings 34. Carried by the valve plate and extending outwardly therefrom within the head 28 are agitator pins 42 which serve to agitate and prevent the caking of dentifrice contained within the head 28.

Pivotally connected as at 44 to the valve plate 38 adjacent the handle 12 is a link 46 which in turn is connected to the pivot pin 26 so that when the button 20 is moved longitudinally on the handle 12 the valve plate 38 will be moved in unison therewith. A suitable cap 48 is adapted to frictionally engage the handle 12 and enclose the brush head 28 and bristles 30 when the brush is not 111 use.

Dentifrice is introduced into the handle 12 by removing the closure plug 14 and will flow downwardly into the head 28. With the plug 14 in closing relation to the handle, the dentifrice may be discharged through the openings 34 by moving the button 20 to cause the openings 40 in the valve plate 38 to register with the openings 34. Such movement of the valve plate 38 will move the pins 42 and thereby agitate the dentifrice contained in the head 28 to keep it in condition for discharge through openings 34 and onto the bristles 30.

I wish to have it understood that various changes may be made in the form, details, arrangement and proportions of the various parts without departing from the scope of my invention.

What is claimed is:

A tooth brush comprising a hollow handle adapted to receive powdered dentifrice, a slot in said hollow handle, a detachable hollow head carried by said hollow handle adapted to receive powdered dentifrice, a plurality of bristles in said detachable head, a plurality of apertures in said hollow head adjacent some of said bristles, a valve plate having a plurality of apertures slidably mounted within said hollow head and adjacent the apertures in said hollow head, a plurality of agitator pins extending laterally from said valve plate, an arm in the slot in said hollow handle having a button end, a link in said hollow handle connecting said valve plate with said arm, the button end of said arm being remote from said brush and adapted to actuate said arm, link and valve plate to bring into register in discharge position the apertures in said valve plate with the apertures in the hollow head, and to close the apertures in said hollow head in its reverse position, the agitator pins during movement of the valve plate agitating powdered dentifrice to facilitate the discharge through the apertures in the valve plate and the apertures in the hollow head when said apertures in said valve plate and said hollow head are aligned.

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Internationale KlassifikationA46B11/00
Europäische KlassifikationA46B11/00C6C